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Hollard Insurance - Pay as You Drive
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The less you drive, the less you pay with Hollard Pay as You Drive ™. Your premium is based on how much mileage you cover during the month. It is the fairest, most accurate, fully comprehensive insurance around.

This innovative insurer has been insuring South Africans for the past 28 years and is SA’s largest insurer providing protection for over 6 000 000 policy holders. Hollard is making a difference globally, offering insurance in 9 countries, and they are still growing. Hollard Insurance employs 1 300 dedicated staff and are passionate about people – customers, partners and employees.

Hollard is so passionate, that they offer you the unique Pay As You Drive™ insurance plan. With today’s rising costs of keeping a vehicle on the road, Hollard gives you the opportunity to save big on your insurance premiums. Pay As You Drive™ allows you to only pay for the kilometres you drive. It’s a really smart plan.

If you travel less that 480km’s a week, that’s 2083 km’s per month, which averages out at less than 25 000km’s per year, you stand in line to save. Pay As You Drive™ offers you a premium that is split into two segments.

The first part is a fixed premium, which includes “Skytrax tracking device” from Tracker. The second part is a variable monthly premium, which is calculated according to your kilometres travelled. After the first 417km’s you start to pay a variable premium, which is calculated and added to your fixed monthly premium. The premium is restricted to 3 200 kilometres per month.

Premiums of vehicles for business use is not loaded when you insure with Pay As You Drive™. Part of the premium includes the discounted monthly subscription for the Skytrax tracking device. Skytrax not only helps to calculate the monthly kilometre usage, but doubles as a stolen vehicle recovery device. Another advantage is that you don’t pay premiums for people who travel more than you do. You can keep a logbook online, which has a lot of advantages. It is mandatory to have Skytrax when you have a Pay As You Go policy.

Hollard Pay As You Drive™ Additional Benefits include R10m third party liability – conditions apply, R15 000 accidental death cover, Optional Car Hire, Up to R1 500 for damage to car keys, locks & remotes and Up to R1 000 for Towing & storage cover. Cover for Vehicle sound equipment and accessories, Car Hire and Vehicle Credit Shortfall are optional extras.

Hollard offers both short term and long term insurance solutions. Hollard Motor and Household insurance provides for all your short term insurance needs. Hollard Life insurance benefits include funeral, life, endowment and disability insurance packages. Hollard Inflation Buster, Pension Buster, Building Cover and All Risk Cover are other products offered by Hollard.

Inflation Buster pays out an extra 10% on the market value of your vehicle in the event of it being written off or stolen. The extra payout helps you to replace a lost vehicle, which is unique to Hollard Pay As You Drive™.

Hollard Household and Homeowners' Cover protects your personal possessions and home respectively. Hollard Pensioners' Cover benefits pensioners over the age of 60 who rely on a pension for an income - with the option to waive the expense of paying an excess.

Hollard All Risk Insurance insures your personal possessions clothing, jewellery and cameras, which you usually take out with you.

The Car Replacement Option allows you to replaced by a vehicle of similar value and model. Motor Policyholders qualify for the installation of a tracking device with no upfront costs for the device.

You have the opportunity to select the excess that you would like to pay in the event of a claim. Hollard Pay As You Drive is a innovation and offers you the opportunity to save on premiums and have a comprehensive and competitive edge on your insurance package.