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AIG South Africa
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AIG SA provides excellent insurance cover in South Africans and has been doing so since 1962. Celebrating more than 40 years of service in South Africa, AIG SA offers a large range of competitive insurance products for the South African market.

AIG South Africa Limited (AIG SA) is a member company of the American International Group, Inc. which is one of the world’s leading insurance and financial services organization with operations in more than 130 countries.

AIG has offices all over South Africa as well as providing insurance across a wide network in Africa. The head office is in Johannesburg and AIG has branches in all the major centres including Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Pretoria.

AIG SA is proud to contribute to the local community in numerous ways. AIG SA is working to address previous inequities and has introduced a Graduate Development programme aimed at encouraging young black graduates to join the Insurance industry. Through this programme AIG is grooming graduates for responsible positions in the business.

AIG SA provides the widest range of insurance services, whether for commercial or consumer needs. On the commercial side, they offer international and global insurance programmes, for companies of any size, with local or offshore interest. AIG provides local advice and complies with local regulatory requirements.

AIG SA has a wide range of Accident, Health and Personal Lines cover, encompassing cover for buildings, contents, auto, household, travel insurance and individual cover. You can even lease an airplane from AIG SA.

Accidents happen at any time, in any place, making it essential to have adequate insurance cover in the current environment we live with. You could be driving home from work, at home, out having fun and an accident could occur. Families need to be prepared for any eventuality. AIG offer you insurance solutions for all your needs.

AIG has an excellent range of Accident and Health benefits, which offer comprehensive financial security should any accidental event occur or illness strike. AIG Business and Personal Lines will allow you the confidence of protection for any arising circumstances.

Business lines cover Group Personal Accident, Business Travel, Image Protector and so on. Personal lines cover Income Protection, Hospitalization, Leisure Travel, Education Fees, Critical Illness, Home Conversion, Trauma and many additional benefits.

AIG South Africa has a large accident insurance portfolio and offers global proficiency in underwriting specialised Accident and Health risks. AIG South Africa has the ability to participate in multinational accounts and offers unique global claims service.

Commercial lines include Commercial Auto, Kidnap and Extortion, Contaminated Product Insurance, Enviromental Impairment Liability, Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance. AIG Commercial lines also offer cover for Marine, Property, Property Extortion and Sabotage, Machinery Breakdown; Directors and Officers Liability and many other aspects of commercial benefits.

Kidnap and Extortion is a very real and growing threat in today's world. As many as 12 500 kidnappings are reported each year in over 40 countries, mainly in Latin America, Russia and Asia, with the average ransom payment demanding in excess of US$50 million. Child Abduction Coverage protects you from the ever-increasing incidents of abduction in South Africa. Over 2 800 children were abducted in South Africa last year. Contaminated Products Insurance protects you from both accidental and deliberate interference with products like tobacco, food, cosmetics and so on.

Evacuation and Repatriation Insurance serves to insure you again the sudden, violent and potentials life-threatening risks that arise.

AIG Risk Finance offers Life Benefits which include Pre-funding Medical Aid Liability and Structured Investments.

At AIG you feel protected and secure in the knowledge that their packages are comprehensive and versatile, designed specifically to meet your individual needs. Your claims process is easy and suitable to the modern lifestyle. Knowing that you have global back up and have a broad range of cover makes insuring with AIG and intelligent choice.