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Welcome to the new generation of life insurance! 1Lifedirect was launched on 14 March 2006. The company is 100% owned by Budget Holdings Limited (BHL), a multinational company based in Europe. 1Lifedirect is proudly South African and is primarily aware of the needs of the South African insurance consumer.

The vision of 1Lifedirect is to transform and improve the South African life insurance industry. 1Lifedirect presents a service that is client friendly, service-orientated, instructive and up to date.

1Lifedirect is committed to skills development. It has a definite, well-implemented empowerment policy. 1Lifedirect brings value to the South African economy by offering a superior product. 1Lifedirect intends to improve the consumers overall experience by providing cost-effective and competitive premiums and comprehensive life insurance packages.

1Lifedirect provides simple life insurance solutions, which are clear and offers easy-to-use products. The products are unambiguous and offer relevant policy elements. 1Lifedirect provides simple to use products with very little paper work. No medical examinations are required upfront. Life is for living - 1Lifedirect offers hassle-free insurance.

1Lifedirect allows you to deal with the insurer directly, using modern technology and state-of-the-art call centers. There are no broker’s commissions, allowing for a rebate on your premium, which would normally be paid to brokers. 1Lifedirect services are a 100% direct thereby providing personal involvement with your life insurance needs.

Insuring with 1Lifedirect means that you can be sure of competitive premiums, simple service process ad the freedom to opt for a top quality package that meets all your requirements. 1Lifedirect presents Term Insurance, Whole of Life, Pure Life Cover, 1Life Disablement, 1Life Dread Disease and Credit Life Cover.

Term Insurance is a type of long or short-term life insurance, which limits cover to a specific period

Whole of life is a life insurance benefit which provides cover throughout the entire lifetime of the life assured.

Pure Life cover – covers the life assured in the event of death and pays out a lump sum. You can choose one of these options:

  • 1Life Basic cover – will pay an appointed beneficiary a cash amount up to R200 000 in the event of your death
  • 1Life Elevated cover - will pay an appointed beneficiary a cash amount from R200 000 upwards in the event of your death

1Life Disablement offers you the option of Occupation-based or Event-Based Disablement cover. You can choose between cover for disablement which leaves you unfit to work at your own or suited occupation or cover for events that result in a form of disability.

The Occupation-based Disablement is a stand-alone benefit and will not affect your other life cover and is immediately effective for disablement;

Event-based Disablement pays out a percentage of your cover amount depending on the kind of disability you suffer is a stand-alone benefit and protects you immediately for accidental disablement.

1Life Dread Disease insures you against dread diseases, such as cancer, certain cardiovascular diseases, a stroke, diseases of the nervous system and other diseases.

Credit Life pays off outstanding amounts on specified credit agreements. In the event of your death it will pay out the outstanding capital on a short or long=term debt, such as on a car or home, to your loan provider if you are up-to-date with the installments

Expo-Sure provides immediate emergency assistance in the event of suspected accidental exposure to HIV/Aids, such as in the instance of rape. This service is available to you and your immediate family. One phone call to 1Lifedirect provides access to over 2800 doctors in medical centres throughout the country.


All claims are handled with sensitivity. 1Lifedirect provides efficient service. The procedure is as simple as one, two, three. Contact your consultant, get the right forms, and fax the forms back to 1Lifedirect…and rest assured.