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Online Quote
Comparison Insurance Shopping

The Internet has changed the way we shop for insurance—forever and for the better. Finally you can now Compare Insurance Quotes Online, all at the click of a button.

Shopping for Insurance has not been fun for anyone, after all, it is seen as a necessary evil; a grunge purchase. Now shopping for Insurance has been simplified with the Introduction of Comparison Insurance Shopping, it’s certainly less stressful; actually it could even be fun.

You always knew you should get a number of insurance quotes to compare, at least three, but that meant an endless process of form filling or calling the individual insurance companies. At the end of it all you were left feeling frustrated and confused.

Well…gone are the days of filling in separate Insurance forms or calling Individual Insurance Companies to get quotes. Now, you can just fill in one form online, hit the submit button and sit back and wait for the comparative quotes to be displayed on your screen.

After that, all you need to do is compare the quotes to your requirements and select the best insurance quote that suits your individual budget and needs like a glove. The great benefit to you, the consumer, is that online insurance services have increased the competition between insurance companies. Increased competition means lower insurance rates and better service to you.

It has never been this easy, plus it will save you valuable time and of course money, which you can now spend on other things.

Insurance Companies

Whether it be Car, Life or Household Insurance you can now compare quotes from South Africa’s top Insurance Companies such as:

  • 1 Lifedirect
  • AIG South Africa, Ltd.
  • Hollard Pay as You Drive

So what are you waiting for? Compare your Insurance Quotes today and save time and money....get peace of mind without the stress.

Here are some tips on what to look for when comparing Insurance Quotes:

  • Make a list of your personal requirements in terms of your insurance needs. You are different from the person next door, you may not need the same cover. For example, if you regularly drive alone at night, emergency assistance should be a non-negotiable for you when you decide on your car insurance needs.
  • You are obviously going to compare the price. Don’t let that blind you, make sure that your insurance needs are going to be met.
  • The Insurance Company—the company you want to deal with must have a good track record and financial stability, do some research on them.
  • Compare all the benefits the company offer, are they what you require? Compare excess amounts and add-on products such as emergency assistance.
  • Service. You want service excellence: prompt response and fast claim settlement without hassles. You want personal service and to be treated with respect.
  • Your age, gender, what safety equipment or measures you have implemented in your home and your car, where you live – all these play a role when the insurance company calculate the premium they are going to charge you. Remember an insurance quote is just that, before you finalise the policy make sure you have provided the insurance company with all the information that could affect the premium, for example other people driving your car on a regular basis should be nominated in your policy.

First you do a comparison of the quotes you have received, then you negotiate with the company of your choice.

Insure and have fun!